Why Did ISIS Kill So Many Yezidis And What Is A Yezidi Anyway?

Did you ever wonder why the Yazidi people have been so persecuted by ISIS? Why were their women enslaved, raped and abused? Why were they systematically killed in their thousands in 2014? There is of course no justifiable why. But that sort of thing takes a lot of time, effort and resource investment, so why did ISIS think it was such a good idea? Continue reading “Why Did ISIS Kill So Many Yezidis And What Is A Yezidi Anyway?”


Having Kittens

Who let the cat in?!!
No no! – She has to go outside, she’s having kittens. She’s bled all over Meethak’s foot already… Continue reading “Having Kittens”

We Will Understand Only What We Are Shown

I’d like to investigate ways to promote showing people that our sames outweigh our differences and that the issues and conflicts we are likely to face over the next few decades will be a whole lot more pleasant and less death inducing if we act like it.

Fed up of stagnating in the Uk, but still not at a significant enough stage of financial ruin or attrition of principles to compromise all the way to a corporate role, I needed a plan. Ideally this plan would involve me doing something that positively contributes to human society/the earth, while at the same time earning enough money to live on and providing enough of a mental or creative challenge to be interesting. Oh and it needed to be something I’d enjoy the execution of (that’s not as far-fetched as it seems, I enjoy the strangest of things). Continue reading “We Will Understand Only What We Are Shown”