An Uneventful Journey

You can just get on a plane and fly to Iraq. Same as anywhere else. I was slightly thrown when I tried to checkin online and a little pop-up appeared saying something along the lines of “this passenger is denied online checkin for security reasons” Continue reading “An Uneventful Journey”


We Will Understand Only What We Are Shown

I’d like to investigate ways to promote showing people that our sames outweigh our differences and that the issues and conflicts we are likely to face over the next few decades will be a whole lot more pleasant and less death inducing if we act like it.

Fed up of stagnating in the Uk, but still not at a significant enough stage of financial ruin or attrition of principles to compromise all the way to a corporate role, I needed a plan. Ideally this plan would involve me doing something that positively contributes to human society/the earth, while at the same time earning enough money to live on and providing enough of a mental or creative challenge to be interesting. Oh and it needed to be something I’d enjoy the execution of (that’s not as far-fetched as it seems, I enjoy the strangest of things). Continue reading “We Will Understand Only What We Are Shown”

Desert Islands, Terrorists, M16s and the Worst Coffee I’ve Ever Tasted

We didn’t mean to end up on Kalapuan. We were heading for another tiny blip in the Celebes Sea entirely. But the Celebes Sea had other ideas, so when clinging on to our very tiny boat for dear life became insufficient as a tactic, we headed to the closest land in the interests of saving life and stuff. And that happened to be Kalapuan.

For somewhere so remote, we were greeted by a surprising number of men with big guns (M16s) more


Hugely excitingly, well, to my mind at any rate, we have just been accepted on a 4 month Marine Conservation Dive Master Internship! This is exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, we get to do actual marine conservation and help out with research, which is something I’ve always always wanted to get into. 2ndly, we’re going to be Dive Masters (Dive Masters are really cool)! 3rdly, we get to do all this on Pom Pom Island – a tiny little blip in the Celebes Sea, sort of between Borneo and The Sulu Archipelago bit of The Philippines. more

It’s Ya BirthDAY! Gonna eat Balot, HEY!!


Generally speaking, easily available, reasonably priced food in the Philippines is atrocious. But there are exceptions. The trick is not to eat out. Home cooking is so much better, it’s hard to see how on earth most non-tourist oriented restaurants survive. Everything is either dried or fried. In vast quantities of oil and salt. Or it’s rice. more

Not so Pygmy Elephants

Bombing down the Kinabatangan River, somewhere in Sabah, Borneo, the sporadic shrieks (that I think may be animal noises, or perhaps he’s just singing) issuing from our guide clearly audible over the thrumming engine. Oh the serenity! Mind you, if he’s good enough for David Attenborough, he’s good enough for us. And he is good enough – I’ve seen pictures.

Our goal today is elephants. more

The Night Bus

There are almost certainly other effective Philippino torture methods, but the one with which I am familiar is The Night Bus. The Night Bus primarily utilises compression techniques, together with forced aural stimulation to gradually undermine the sanity. Much in the way of goats licking human feet to the bone, the physical pain onset is gradual. more